Anytime • Anywhere • Tests 3-5 Days Back On Selected Substances • Up To 60 Days Back for Limited Substances Depending On Frequency of Use

All Forms of Screening For Criminal • Family Services • DMV • DNA Paternity

See Up To 90 Days Back on Use of Selected Substances • Excluding Past 7 to 10 Days • Use With Rapid Test for Complete Picture

Certified Collectors for DOT Protocols, Including • FAA • FHWA • FMCSA • FRA • FTA • NHTSA • PHMSA Breath and Urine • On Site & Lab Nationwide

Certified Collectors for All Non DOT Protocols • On Site & Lab Nationwide • Same Day • All Hours • Special Pricing for 8 or More Donors @ Same Location

Call (801) 601-8400 • Test At A Lab Near You Today • The Best Pricing Available • Fast Results • Complete MRO Report



Whether you need Drug Testing Services for pre-employment on-site testing, random screening, reasonable suspicion or post accident, to determine if one of your candidates or workers may be using drugs or alcohol, InterAct® NMDTs Instant Reporting, you know the answer, RIGHT NOW. Our 5, 7 and 10 Panel Rapid Tests, provide results INSTANTLY on prescription and illicit substances alike. The best part about this is the incredible low cost of screening on-site. We think you’ll say good-bye forever to the double or triple fees of our competitors. Adulteration becomes nearly impossible when testing on site. When the test is a surprise, on site, there is no drive to the lab, where for $20 or $30 a vial synthetic or human urine sample the local head or vape shop is picked up and substituted! The opportunity to cheat the NMDT system is practically non existent when using our On-Site Screening System.

  • Easy To Arrange – simply create a login and password then select what test and how many needed and place your order!

  • Immediate Results – Rapid Test results are logged, candidate after candidate, by our Collectors. You receive them on completion of each test, instantly!

  • Lab Follow-Up – All positive Rapid Test results are forwarded to one of our affiliated labs for Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry verification. Once that’s completed, our Medical Review Officer (A Licensed Physician) does a complete review and provides an official, written report to insure you have a laboratory certified analysis. This protects you legally, if a result is ever challenged by a terminated or rejected candidate.

  • 5 Panel Rapid Test – Detect five of the most commonly consumed street drugs.

  • 7 Panel Rapid Test –  5 Panel test plus some prescription drugs.

  • 10 Panel Rapid Test – Administered to law enforcement, occupational medicine, persons on legal probation and civil servants, if their job entails dangerous work or when the employee is responsible for the safety of others.

  • 12 Panel Rapid Test – Augments the 10 Panel Rapid Test by including other numerous prescription and designer drugs. This test is useful in suspicion and post accident testing for Workers Compensation disqualification.


Our Professional Staff Has Decades of  Workplace Leadership Experience To Provide Your Organization With The Best Practices for Keeping Your Company Drug Free and Safe for All Employees and Contractors



Our Array of Testing and Reporting Procedures Offers The Most Comprehensive and Advanced Products From Basic 5 and 7 Panel Urinalysis to DNA Familial Analysis with Immediate Results on Substance Abuse.

InterAct® Reporting System

As a Mobile Drug Testing Client Your HR Department Manager Can Watch Results As They Happen – On-Site – Right Now! Private, Non DOT, Companies No Longer Need To Wait Days or Hours For Results. With MDT’s Rapid Tests and Exclusive Reporting System, You Get On-Site Results In REAL TIME At the Conclusion of Each Test!

27 – 7 – 365  Support

From Our Certified Collectors to Our Corporate Staff, MDT Provides Every Aspect of What is Needed to Insure Your Company’s Protocols and Procedures Are Legally Sound and Worry Free. MDT Has Spent Nearly Two Decades Developing Every Tool Required to Provide You With All The Necessary Policies, Forms and Insights to Set Up or Maintain Your Abuse Screening Methods and Details.

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“Raising the bar on our industry is a continual process for NMDT. We tirelessly strive to insure our services meet or exceed your expectations, physically, chemically and professionally”

Robert J Lindley, National Mobile Drug Testing, CEO

Trusted Partners

National Mobile Drug Testing executives have been building business relationships since 1968. Their exemplary history provides a vision for the best of service on the front end of our collection model, and outstanding response and activity on the backend -with our reporting module InterAct®. It is because of our attention to relationships, not just the activities involved with collection and reporting of results, that makes the difference between great service and outstanding service and performance. Plus, of our love for people, we add an extra element . . . caring! Let us show you just how much we care and how much we can save you in your screening needs. National Mobile Drug Testing, your partner in safety and a drug free workplace!